The Complete Process

  • The client calls the RRU office and explains their situation.
  • RRU take them through the exchange control regulations to determine what allowance to apply to their specific requirements.
  • RRU then send the client the relevant documents to complete that will satisfy the SARB requirements, when repatriating their funds out of South Africa.
  • The Client then returns via email the completed documents, for RRU to make sure all is adhered to and completed correctly.
  • Once RRU has confirmed that all documents comply and are in order, we request the client to courier the originals documents to our office.
  • Once the original documents are received by RRU, we courier to our South African office.
  • The client now pays the funds to a nominated account with Nedbank Ltd.
  • Once the funds are cleared, can we book the exchange rate for transfer to the clients overseas bank account. Please allow 2 -3 business days for the $’s to clear in your overseas bank account.
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