Many South Africans are unaware of the regulation changes of 2008 that now permit expatriate South Africans to cash in Retirement Annuities prior to their 55 year old retirement age. Making the effort to allow the Rand Group to access these funds left behind in South Africa and provide you and your family with a better lifestyle.

There is no need to write off your valuable investments or cash you have left behind. Let the Rand Group helps you to claim what belongs to you. The Rand Group has helped many South African expatriates around the globe to access their retirement annuities, endowment policies, inheritances and other cash among the millions of Rands currently left behind in South Africa.

Global Managing Director, Rudi Stander, proudly manages the team around the globe. Our processing centre is based in South Africa to enable the team to deal with the relevant authorities in their own time zone. Our telephone lines are available 24/7 in New Zealand and South Africa. So pick up the phone and talk to one of the team members in local time.

The Rand Group only concentrates on the repatriations of your investments in South Africa, we do not give Investment Advice. You also do not pay the Rand Group fee until your Rands have been successfully paid into your blocked account. We also assist with the transferring of your funds to your local account.

for your free and detailed the Rand Group report online to find out what you are entitled to. The registration process is fast, simple and obligation free.

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